Irish Dance Studio Recitals

Boys and Girls can join the studio starting at age 3. We have year-end performances for the junior and senior divisions. 


The Junior Recital:  

June 15, 2019 - Newmarket Theatre

The juniors perform in 1-hour shows in a relaxed atmosphere, where family and friends can take pictures and videos. This gives our young students a great chance to get on stage and gain experience performing in front of an audience, without the pressure of a larger, more professional show. 

The Senior Recital:

June 15, 2019 - Newmarket Theatre

Our senior performances are held at the Newmarket Theatre, where students learn, hands-on, what is involved in dancing on a more professional level.  With a dress rehearsal and two shows the dancers gain experience in maintaining a high level of dance through the multiple performances.

Our ultimate goal is to provide young people with an appreciation for the Irish dancing experience, both musically and technically. In an encouraging, enjoyable atmosphere, we strive to develop an individual's personal strengths on a student-by-student basis to motivate young dancers to be the best they can be!


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